Andrew Kennedy

  • AWESOM-0

  • Languages: Javascript / NodeJS

  • Libraries: Node-IRC

  • Time: On Going

Recently I started playing around with Node IRC, an IRC client library written in NodeJS. It's dead-simple to use and has an active community constantly adding features and supporting its growth.

After toying around with it for about an hour, I'd written a few commands (heavily influenced by Hubot by the way):

  • hi would say "Hi" back
  • pugme would return an image of a pug
  • question would have the bot respond with an answer to said question
  • notes for leaving people messages who weren't currently in chat
  • catme to do the same thing as pugme but would return a cute picture of a cat instead

I also gave it a name: AWESOM-0, inspired by an episode of South Park where Cartman pretends to be a robot.

Requests from co-workers and friends started coming in for more commands and options for existing commands. This meant the project needed to be re-structured. I looked back to Hubot once again and borrowed it's concept of a folder for scripts that could be enabled and disabled via a settings file.

AWESOM-0 is regularly maintained and new scripts are welcome! You can check out the bot on GitHub.