Andrew Kennedy

  • MNPP

  • Language: Objective C

  • Tools: Xcode, Photoshop

  • Time: 2 days

After numerous discussions, excessive amounts of bickering, and a plethora of insults, I was convinced Apple products were a waste of money and used only by those who only knew how to browse the web and check their email.

That is until I bought one.

I think I did it out of jealously at first. How could my friends have machines that took half a second to wake up from sleeping or have 5 hours of battery life? I knew if I browsed Newegg and Amazon long enough, I'd find the right machine that had everything a Macbook Pro or an Air had at half the price! But there was something missing. There always was.

Long story short, I tried out a Mac, figured out what was missing (finesse), bought one, and started developing on it immediately.

One of the first things I wanted to do was install Nginx. When installing Apache, I found XAMPP to be the easiest route to go since the pre-installed version of Apache, Macports, and homebrew were all giving me problems at the time. I also really liked the control tool bundled with XMPP for turning various services on and off. I wanted something similar for Nginx. After some googling, I found MNPP which was exactly what I was looking for.

Well almost.

MNPP comes with a menu bar controller for controlling Nginx, Percona, and Php but not a windowed controller like the one that comes with XAMPP. So I made one.

Build successful. Aww yisss.

For me, it's a nice alternative to the default control menu that comes with MNPP. It's my first Cocoa app, so there are bound to be bugs and things I can do better.

If you find anything, open an issue or submit a pull request on GitHub.